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QUOTE OF THE DAY: CNN’s Jim Acosta Urges Democrats to Be Like Mitch McConnell

CNN anchor Jim Acosta suggested on air Sunday that Democrats would be suckers not to seize the power to push through their agenda with a narrow congressional majority.


Acosta implied Democrats should eliminate or weaken the Senate filibuster because Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would supposedly do so if he were in their position.

“Democrats could just ask themselves, ‘What would Mitch do?’ Acosta said, urgently advocating legislation to protect abortion and voting rights and to regulate guns. “Or they can just keep on thinking, ‘Life’s a Mitch.”


McConnell actually has a long record of defending the filibuster — which allows the minority party to block legislation that doesn’t have the support of a supermajority in the Senate — including last time he was majority leader.

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