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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Joe Rogan’s ‘January 6 Moment’

CNN analyst John Blake argued Sunday that Joe Rogan’s use of the n-word is an existential threat to American democracy in the same way as the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.


According to Blake’s CNN essay, Rogan saying the anti-black slur on his popular podcast over the years violates “a civic norm that made a multiracial democracy possible,” much as the Jan. 6 riot was the violation of a “political norm.”

  • “[Rogan] is also a blinking red light, warning that the civic and political rules that once held the nation together no longer apply,” Blake wrote, saying complaints about “cancel culture” are a mere ploy to hide “public racism.”
  • “Don’t let the Rogan n-word controversy devolve into another tired discussion about cancel culture. This moment is bigger. If Rogan goes on with business as usual, all of us — not just Black people — will pay a price. Our country won’t be the same,” Blake concluded in demanding Rogan be “canceled.”
  • “This is another January 6 moment.”


As part of the national campaign to get Rogan removed from Spotify for “racism” and COVID-19 “misinformation,” his critics in the media have often taken their rhetoric all the way to a 10.


Meanwhile, Democratic politicians have likened Jan. 6 to historic tragedies from Pearl Harbor to not wearing a mask in an elevator.

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