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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Lori Lightfoot Whips Out Her … Authority?

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot became tumescent during a meeting last October about a Christopher Columbus statue, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday by a former lawyer for the city.


Lightfoot allegedly berated Chicago’s park managers for agreeing to loan the statue — which had been removed amid the 2020 George Floyd protests — to an Italian-American group for their annual Columbus Day parade.

  • “You make some kind of secret agreement with Italians, what you are doing, you are out there measuring your d*ck with the Italians seeing who’s got the biggest d*ck, you are out there stroking your d*ck over the Columbus statue, I am trying to keep Chicago Police officers from being shot and you are trying to get them shot,” Lightfoot said, per the defamation suit.
  • “Get that f*cking statue back before noon tomorrow or I am going to have you fired. My d*ck is bigger than yours and the Italians’, I have the biggest d*ck in Chicago.”
  • The city has not commented.

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