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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Megan Rapinoe on How ‘Badass’ Her Team Is

Megan Rapinoe, then-captain of the U.S. women’s national soccer team, used colorful language to describe her teammates after their 2019 Women’s World Cup victory.


“This group is so resilient, is so tough, has such a sense of humor, is just so badass,” said Rapinoe during a ticker-tape parade in New York to celebrate the American triumph over the Dutch national team in the World Cup finals. “There is nothing that can faze this group. We’re chilling. We’ve got tea-sipping. We’ve got celebrations. We’ve got pink hair and purple hair. We’ve got tattoos and dreadlocks. We’ve got white girls and black girls and everything in between. Straight girls and gay girls.”


The U.S. women’s soccer players’ union on Wednesday dismissed as a “P.R.” stunt a proposal by U.S. Soccer that would have given Rapinoe and her teammates a contract identical to that of their male counterparts.

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