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QUOTE OF THE DAY: ‘My Penis, Myself’

In a cover story for New York magazine published Monday, transgender writer Gabriel Mac detailed “his phalloplasty journey.”


Mac appeared on the cover wearing only Calvin Klein underwear and, under the headline “My Penis, Myself,” recounted the experience of acquiring a synthetic manhood in December 2020.

“On the day I heard that my penis would be huge, I sobbed,” Mac started the essay, sub-headlined “I didn’t need a penis to be a man. But I needed one to be me.”

  • Mac, a biological woman, went on to describe the painful construction of the appendage and how Mac sang sang a lullaby from the animated Disney movie “Dumbo” to the new member in the hospital.
  • The difficult recovery and other challenges were all worth it, not for sex but for personal fulfillment, said Mac: “I’m asexual (yes, you can be asexual and have a boyfriend), and what that means for me is my penis was just for me.”


While many Twitter commentators cheered Mac’s self-revelation, others, like podcaster Katie Herzog, worried that Mac’s past writings suggested unresolved mental health issues.

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