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QUOTE OF THE DAY: 1619 Project Creator Celebrates End of NYC’s Gifted and Talented Classes

New York Times reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones bid good riddance Friday to New York City’s program for gifted students, suggesting it was arbitrary and unjust.


“All of our children have gifts. All are worthy. This is GOOD and what many folks have been fighting for,” Hannah-Jones tweeted after Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled his plan to phase out the city’s gifted and talented classes over the next five years.

Hannah-Jones also argued on Twitter that “so-called gifted schools” make children who are left out, like she was, feel bad for no reason and that people who support the program are racist.

  • “I seem to have done ok,” she said at one point.
  • Before creating the Times’ 1619 Project, a Pulitzer Prize-winning antiracist history of America, Hannah-Jones made her name with activist reporting about New York City’s “segregated schools.”

In the Times coverage of de Blasio’s plan, education reporter Eliza Shapiro described the city’s gifted and talented program as a “glaring symbol of segregation” that led to a “racially segregated learning environment.”


Podcaster Ben Shapiro, speaking for many conservatives, countered that de Blasio’s pursuit of “equity” really amounted to a commitment to “mediocrity.”

Despite all the talk of “segregation,” Asians kids, not their black or white classmates, are likely to be most hurt by the end of New York City’s gifted and talented program.

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