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QUOTE OF THE DAY: ‘A Better Reason’ to Disinherit Your ‘Right-Wing’ Kids

New York Times Magazine advice columnist Kwame Anthony Appiah on Tuesday assured a reader Tuesday that disinheriting their children for holding “right-wing” beliefs was morally acceptable.


In his latest The Ethicist column — headlined “May I Disinherit My Right-Wing Daughters?” — Appiah responded to an unidentified 80-year-old who was considering writing their two adult daughters out of their will because the women doubt COVID-19 vaccines and the 2020 election results.

  • “Don’t change your will because you’re angry and upset with your prospective heirs. A better reason is that people with their views are doing a great deal of harm,” Appiah advised.
  • “It’s your estate. You raised your daughters, which is what you owed them. Anything you do beyond this is up to you. But don’t think of your updated will as a way to punish them for their mistaken beliefs. Think of it as taking measures to prevent your assets from being used to bad effect.”

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