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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Is Nancy Pelosi Serious?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed during a press conference Thursday that congressional Democrats are some of the smartest and most moral people in the world.


In weekly remarks to the media, Pelosi pushed back on growing pressure to ban stock trading by members of Congress, insisting Americans can trust her caucus.

“Under this roof, figuratively or actually, is the greatest collection of intellect, integrity and imagination for doing the right thing for the American people,'” said Pelosi, a California Democrat.

  • “I have great confidence in the integrity of my members. They are remarkable. So when people talk about, ‘Well, somebody might do this and somebody —’ … I trust our members.”


At a time of historically low trust in major U.S institutions, a Gallup poll last summer found that Americans have the least faith in Congress — with the TV news coming in a close second-to-last.

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