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QUOTE OF THE DAY: So What If COVID Kids Are a Little Weird

New York Times opinion writer Jessica Grose assured readers in a Wednesday column that it’s normal if their children are expressing existential “dread” about the pandemic.


Grose described how her own 9-year-old daughter’s nighttime reckonings recently” took a new and Covid-related turn,”

  • “What if Covid never ends?” she said the girl asked. “What if it’s still around when I’m in college?”
  • “It’s a gut punch to think about how Covid has shaped an entire generation’s experience of childhood, and this one hurt more than most,” Grose wrote, before citing an expert in child and family studies, who convinced her that “existential questioning isn’t unique to children living through a pandemic.”
  • “The more I think about it, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing that my child’s intellectual journey is affected by what is going on around her,” Grose concluded. “I appreciate having a child who thinks through the impact of a yearslong pandemic instead of being blissfully unaware of reality, even if it is somewhat painful to watch her dawning realization that life has infinite possibilities, not all of them good.”


Some mainstream media commentators, like The New York Times’ David Leonhardt, have belatedly accepted arguments that conservatives have long been making about the toll COVID-19 restrictions are taking on children.

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