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QUOTE OF THE DAY: The New ‘Fiery But Mostly Peaceful’

Progressive writer and poet Brian Gilmore restated claims the violent unrest following George Floyd’s death was “mostly peaceful” in a recent Medium post about the history of conservatism.


Gilmore criticized conservative writer Nate Hochman for saying recently that widespread rioting by groups like Black Lives Matter in Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2020 prompted him to become more “radicalized as a conservative.”

“This is a lie,” Gilmore wrote. “Most (and I mean most) of the protests of the summer, 2020 were non-violent. Portland did have some violence but nothing that resembles what Hochman suggests. In fact, multiple studies indicate BLM protests were overwhelmingly peaceful.”

  • Gilmore then went on to examine the alleged “absurdity of modern conservatism,” tracing its descent from the “quasi-white nationalism” of 20th-century conservative Russell Kirk.


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