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QUOTE OF THE DAY: What Is ‘Radical Monogamy’?

Jericho Vincent, a “genderqueer” author, explained to Vice News that when progressives settle down in monogamous relationships it’s something totally new and “radical.”


“The old monogamy of our parents and grandparents doesn’t really work today,” Vincent said in a March 8 article on “radical monogamy” making the rounds on Twitter.

  • “Radical monogamy works for me because I’ve always wanted a gigantic love. I wanted to be one person’s joy and delight and I wanted them to be mine,” added Vincent, a former ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman who uses the pronouns they and them and is married to a man.
  • “Then I grew up and I was told that was ridiculous, unrealistic and unhealthy, so I gave up on monogamy and practised polyamory. But now I’ve come around to believing that all those other people’s messages were wrong. If approached with intentionality, effort and a willingness to grow, it is possible to have a love that’s big and magical.”

“From the day we’re born, there’s an overarching presumption that we’ll grow up, fall in love with someone of the ‘opposite’ gender, get married and be monogamous,” Bi Women Quarterly editor Robyn Ochs similarly told Vice.

  • “As I grew and healed, I reached a place where it became clear to me that there is agency and power in questioning these cultural norms,” said Ochs, a lesbian who has been married to another woman since 2004.


With Gen Zers embracing LGBT identities at an unprecedented rate, skeptics have suggested many of the newly queer are merely posing.

  • “It’s kind of amazing — and wonderful — that trans identity has gone from being freakish to being the coolest thing, among the young,” gay conservative writer Andrew Sullivan wrote last year.
  • “But for some, let’s be real here, it may just be identity-slumming when talking to a pollster.”

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