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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Why Millennials Are Sterilizing Themselves

North Dakota State University professor Clay Routledge has summed up the attitude of young people who have committed themselves to a “child-free” lifestyle.


Routledge spoke to the New York Post for a Wednesday trend story about millennial women seeking sterilization, which he attributed to the generation’s sense that “humans were a mistake.”

  • “They’re saying that the future isn’t a good investment,” Routledge said. “And if there’s no future, why would you be anything but hedonistic? Why would you donate to charities? Why would you try to make the world better or care about human progress?”

The Post also interviewed several of women who have gone “child-free.”

  • “I think it’s morally wrong to bring a child into the world,” said 28-year-old Texan Isabel, who refused to have her last name printed. “No matter how good someone has it, they will suffer.”
  • “The whole legacy thing makes me laugh,” said Rachel Diamond, 31, an anti-natalist TikTok star, aspiring actress and and barista. “It’s like, ‘Who do you think you are?’ Do you want your kid to be a founding father? That would make them a colonizer.”
  • The online hub of “child-freedom” is a message board on Reddit, r/childfree, which has nearly 1.5 million members.


A writer and new mother drew attention earlier this month with a personal essay in New York magazine in which she grappled with her “essentially selfish” decision to have a baby despite climate change.

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