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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Your Sexual Desires Aren’t Woke Enough

Philosopher Amia Srinivasan has suggested feminist thinking on sexuality isn’t radical enough.


“Feminists have long dreamed of sexual freedom,” Srinivasan writes in her upcoming book, “The Right to Sex.” “What they refuse to accept is its simulacrum: sex that is said to be free not because it is equal but because it is ubiquitous.”

  • Srinivasan appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “The Ezra Klein Show,” a New York Times podcast, to talk about the future of sexual desire, proposing a “maximally freer” view of sexuality unburdened “by things like racism and classism and ableism.”
  • According to Srinivasan, feminists movements in the ’60s and ’70s failed to fully liberate women’s sexuality.
  • “And in fact, sexual freedom had become synonymous with having lots of sex, having lots of sex with lots of different partners, getting over your prudish hangups about having sex,” she told host Ezra Klein. “And it wasn’t really about thinking creatively about the role that sex and desire and sexual hierarchy plays in human and social and political life.”

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