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QUOTE OF THE DAY: What’s Wrong With White Parents Adopting ‘Children of Color’

Angela Tucker, an antiracism trainer for “transracial” families, recently lamented to the Washington Post that white “savior-ism is so prevalent” in the narrative around adoption.


Tucker, a black woman raised by adoptive white parents, was featured in a Post feature story about how families like hers can be racially “problematic.”

“I mentor a lot of youth who are really struggling because their parents don’t see the racism within George Floyd’s murder, for example, or won’t let their child go march,” she said. “And so for these kids, it’s confusing because they are like, ‘I know my parents love me, but they don’t love my people.”

  • Tucker also said she has been “excited to see” when parents she trained gave their extended families an ultimatum: Acknowledge white supremacy and racism or never see their adopted “children of color.”
  • “Drawing the line in the sand is absolutely necessary for the health of an adoptee,” she explained.

Through their daughter, Tucker’s parents declined the Post’s request for an interview.

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