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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Washington Post Columnist Lectures Right-Wing on Media ‘Propaganda’

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin had harsh words for media outlets that serve as “propaganda outlets for the powerful.”


Rubin, pointing to the tight controls placed on Russian media’s coverage of the war in Ukraine, claimed that “global press freedom has been under assault from authoritarians and right-wing populist movements for years.”

  • “It’s no coincidence that the most significant threat to democracy in our lifetimes originated with authoritarian bullies who attempted to decide what is true — and to discredit those who doubt them,” she wrote, alluding to former President Donald Trump.
  • “When news outlets become merely propaganda outlets for the powerful and truth becomes whatever a leader says it is, democracy is in peril,” she concluded. “There should be no doubt: When a politician attacks a free press, he is the enemy of democracy, not the voice of the ‘people.'”


Critics will say Rubin needs to take a long look in the mirror before accusing opponents of spreading propaganda.

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