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QUOTE OF THE DAY: The Washington Post Tells Its Writer to Start Saying ‘Pregnant People’

In an update to its stylebook guidance, the Washington Post has instructed its writers to use the term “pregnant people” rather than just “pregnant women.”


“While biology dictates who can become pregnant, it does not always reflect gender identity,” The Post’s new style guide reads. “If we say pregnant women, we exclude those who are transgender and nonbinary.”

  • On Friday, The Post’s Instagram editor shared the updated language to Twitter in a since-deleted post.
  • But the guide cautioned employees that using inclusive language comes “at the expense of other marginalized groups, such as women,” and might “add to a feeling of exclusion.”
  • Some commenters criticized the new guidance, which comes amid cultural friction over Texas’ controversial new abortion ban.

“This does a real disservice and convolutes women’s health issues and rights,” wrote one Twitter user.


Attempts at gender-inclusivity have tripped up even woke icons like New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and sparked tension between feminists and supporters of transgender rights.

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