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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Woke Student Horrified by ‘Cisgender Men’ Installing Radiators in Dorms

Oberlin College student Peter Fray-Witzer has expressed outrage that the school allowed male workers to install radiators in dorms housing women and transgender students.


“I was angry, scared, and confused,” Fray-Witzer wrote in an essay published Friday by The Oberlin Review, the college’s official newspaper.

Witzer was reacting to an Oct. 7 email from Oberlin College’s area coordinator for Multicultural and Identity-Based Communities,  announcing contractors would be installing radiators in Baldwin Cottage, home to the school’s Women and Trans Collective.

  • Witzer criticized the school for not completing the installation over the summer, when the building was empty.
  • “A significant portion of students choose to live in Baldwin because they are victims of sexual assault or abuse, have suffered past invasions of privacy, or have some other reason to fear cisgender men,” he wrote.
  • Wiztker said that after the initial installation, workers returned the next day leaving him feeling “mildly violated and a little peeved.”

“[Oberlin College] should have taken measures to keep students comfortable and safe — especially those who have elected to live in a specifically designated safe space,” he said.


On Twitter, commenters mocked and dismissed the op-ed as the out-of-touch rantings of an entitled college kid: Tuition at Oberlin costs nearly $80,000 a year.

  • “Perfect illustration of how sh*tty identity leftism doesn’t just ignore class repression but reinforces it,” tweeted dissident leftist journalist Glenn Greenwald.

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