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A Quick Breakdown of the Staggering Amount of Money Being Poured Into ‘Racial Equity’ Activism

Data showing a multi-billion-dollar surge in corporate funding of “racial justice” causes has raised concerns about empowering left-wing radicalism, even from liberals.


Billionaires are funding a woke cultural revolution.


New York Times columnist Thomas Edsall last week highlighted grants figures from Candid, a non-profit organization that connects “people who want to change the world with the resources they need to do it.”

According to Candid’s calculations, the amount of money philanthropies provided to “racial equity” causes skyrocketed amid the national “racial reckoning” that followed George Floyd’s death.

  • Funding for racial justice in 2020 and 2021 alone far outstripped donations for the nine previous years, and almost all of the new money came from the corporate world.
  • “Before 2020, 6 percent of grants awarded for racial equity came from corporate foundations or corporate giving programs. So far in 2020, these corporate funders account for 79 percent of the dollars Candid has tracked,” Candid research director Anna Koob wrote in July 2020.
  • Among the top funders, per Candid, were “the Ford Foundation, at $3 billion; Mackenzie Scott, at $2.9 billion; JPMorgan Chase & Co. Contributions Program, at $2.1 billion; W.K. Kellogg Foundation, $1.2 billion; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, $1.1 billion; Silicon Valley Community Foundation, $1 billion; Walton Family Foundation, $689 million; The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, $438 million; and the Foundation to Promote Open Society, $350.5 million,” Edsall wrote.


Democratic strategists, though generally supportive of “racial equity” activism, told Edsall they were concerned the flood of charitable giving was having a political cost.

  • “[W]hen progressive philanthropists fund groups that promote extreme views like ‘defunding the police’ or that sanction ‘cancel culture,’ they are exacerbating intraparty conflict and stoking interparty backlash,” Democracy Alliance founder Rob Stein warned.
  • According to Stein, “some progressive politicians and funders are contributing to divisiveness within their ranks and giving fodder to the right.”
  • Matt Bennett, a senior vice president of the Democratic think thank Third Way, agreed: “Whether inadvertent or not, some progressive foundations are funding work that is shortsighted and harmful to the long-term progress they hope to achieve.”


“White Fragility” author and “racial justice trainer” Robin DiAngelo has made millions from book sales and private speaking engagements, the Washington Free Beacon reported last July.

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