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The People Have Spoken

A large majority of respondents to Friday’s The 4PM poll opposed the “deplatforming” of Kremlin-backed news outlets by U.S. media and tech giants.


We asked: “Do you support the crackdown on Russian media in the U.S.?”

  • 67% of you answered: “Yes. Russia is threatening to start a nuclear war, and it has no rights in the U.S.”
  • 33% of you answered: “No. These are the same corporations trying to ‘cancel’ conservatives.


Reader S.L. wrote to us, “When the public ONLY has access to ONE perspective — on anything — we are not getting information, we are getting programming.”

  • “I don’t trust RT as a news source, but I trust it more than CNN, MSNBC, FNC, WAPO or NYT. Just saying.”

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