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San Francisco Liberals Come Up With a Crime-Fighting Plan Even Worse Than ‘Defund the Police’

The city of San Francisco has a new strategy to reduce gun violence: pay people to not commit crimes.


Add this to the left’s list of pie-in-the-sky criminal justice reform, including defunding the police and sending social workers to respond to emergency calls.


The San Francisco Human Rights Commission is overseeing the new pilot program, which will launch in October and effectively gives people $300 a month not to commit gun crimes, NBC affiliate KNTV reported.

  • A group of 10 “at-risk” participants – former criminals from violent neighborhoods – will be involved in the first trial, during which they will be interviewed and demonstrate they want to turn their lives around before becoming “public safety ambassadors.”
  • Gift cards will be distributed to the participants, and their spending habits will be tracked, according to KNTV.
  • “We’re doing this to make sure that we don’t have more senseless violence,” Sheryl Davis, Executive Director of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, told KNTV.


Supporters of the program, dubbed the Dream Keeper Fellowship, have touted similar initiatives in other California cities, including Richmond and Oakland.

  • Stockton, California’s Advance Peace program boasts that only 44% of its 50 participants have been rearrested.

Critics, however, have derided the programs as ineffective “cash for criminals” schemes.

  • The New York Post’s Seth Barron pointed out that the 44% figure leaves out the 17 participants who dropped out of Advance Peace or were arrested in the first six months.

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