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This Map Shows How Many US States San Francisco Is Boycotting for Being ‘Deplorable’

The city of San Francisco has boycotted most of America based on its officials’ woke ideology.



San Francisco is prohibited from entering into contracts with 28 states, Mission Local reported Monday, citing a March 4 memo sent out by city administrator Carmen Chu.

Government employees are also barred from traveling to those states on official business.

  • How did we get here?: San Francisco has made a habit of responding to purportedly repressive laws in various states with economic sanctions.
  • The first such instance occurred in 2016, when then-Supervisor Scott Wiener issued an ordinance barring the city from entering into contracts with states deemed to have anti-LGBT laws.
  • Since then the trend has only accelerated, with sanctions expanded to states with supposedly unconscionable abortion and voting laws.

San Francisco-based New York Times economics reporter Conor Dougherty summed it up nicely on Monday when he tweeted: “Basically whenever there is some right wing kerfuffle in another state, SF, a city of less than 1 million people, swoops in to declare their support and outrage by banning city travel/purchases to said place.”


San Francisco’s ideological stand has come at a price: the reduction in businesses the city can deal with has driven up costs, hurt quality and burdened government employees.

  • “It limits our ability to procure products and receive services and contract services we need to run,” Chu told Mission Local. “It limits competition for our work.”
  • Even Wiener, the former San Francisco supervisor who spearheaded the initial boycotts, has conceded the issue is “not as straightforward” as he once believed.
  • “I’ll be honest, over time I have come to have mixed views on the approach,” Wiener, now a state senator, told Mission Local.

Indeed, the city’s ideological allies, activists and organizers in affected states, have characterized San Francisco’s approach as “high-handed, unwelcome and wrong-headed.”

  • “This is definitely not anything we want,” Emily Persaud-Zamora, the executive director of a voting rights organization in Nevada, one of the states on San Francisco’s boycott list, told Mission Local.

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