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SNAPSHOT: Care Bear Refugees

An image of a delayed shipment of Care Bears prompted Twitter commenters to joke that the beloved children’s toys were victims of America’s broken immigration system.


To illustrate pandemic-related supply chain disruptions, a CNBC segment that aired Thursday chronicled the stuffed animals’ arduous journey from factory floor to toy store.

“It can take twice as long for a product like this Care Bear to get from a Chinese factory to this Learning Express store in Bedford, Massachusetts,” CNBC reporter Courtney Regan reported. “The journey costs toymaker Basic Fun 620% more.”


Some conservative Twitter users ironically cast the stranded Care Bears as migrants caught up in the U.S. immigration system, which has been overwhelmed by a massive influx of asylum seekers and other migrants under the Biden administration.

  • “TRIGGERED,” quipped Washington Examiner contributor Brad Polumbo on Twitter.

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