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SNAPSHOT: Notice Anything Off About These ‘Trump Supporters’ at the ‘Justice for J6’ Rally?

Donald Trump Jr. and others on the right have mocked a viral photo that they say shows federal agents attempting to blend in at Saturday’s sparsely attended “Justice for J6” rally in Washington, D.C.


Trump implied on Instagram Sunday that the sunglasses-clad group of men were part of a government plot to entrap his father’s supporters at the demonstration in support of people arrested over the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.


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Money quote: “Our government is spending more time trying to entrap Americans than they did trying to save Americans in Afghanistan from a terrorist regime who they supplied with billions of military aid, biometric data of our citizens and allies, lists of our citizens and allies, and little things like Humvees, Blackhawk helicopters, Apache helicopters, heavy artillery, drones,” Trump commented on the photo.


Prior to the Sept. 18 rally, Capitol police and journalists anticipated violence.

  • Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump and his supporters warned their compatriots against attending, suggesting the entire rally was a setup meant to make them look bad.
  • Ultimately, counterprotesters, police and reporters far outnumbered the demonstrators who showed up, the Washington Post reported.
  • As The Spectator’s Jacob Heilrunn put it, the “Justice for J6” rally turned out to be a “total dud.”

Two people were arrested at the event, which was largely peaceful, according to news reports.

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