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SNAPSHOT: ‘Testiclegate’ Continues

In the latest installment of the news cycle that some have dubbed “Testiclegate,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson issued a correction to an eye-popping chyron.


After a chyron on Carlson’s show on Monday announced to the world that rapper Nicki Minaj’s cousin had swollen testes following his COVID vaccination, the top-rated host clarified Tuesday that it was in fact Minaj’s cousin’s friend who suffered the alleged affliction. This resulted in yet another epic chyron:

Carlson and the Daily Wire’s Candace Owens went on to praise Minaj’s courage in refusing to bow to liberal pieties about not questioning the COVID vaccines even after she fielded criticism from high-profile media figures.

  • Money quote: “It’s not even about whether the vaccine works or it’s good for you or her cousin’s friend’s testicles, it’s about whether you have dominion over your own body, whether you are a free person,” Carlson said.

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