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SNAPSHOT: Is This Statue of an Italian Babe Sexist?

A bronze statue of a scantily clad beauty from a 19th century poem was unveiled in Italy over the weekend, sparking a feminist furor.


Former Italian Prime Minister Giovanni Conte and other notables attended the ceremony Saturday in the southern Campania region.

  • The statue, inspired by Luigi Mercantini’s 1857 poem “La Spigolatrice di Sapri,” depicts the woman in a revealing diaphanous dress — which some activists in Italy and elsewhere deemed misogynistic.

The sculptor, Emanuele Stifano, defended his work, writing on Facebook that if it had been up to him the statue would have been “completely naked … simply because I am a lover of the human body”.

  • He said it was “useless” to try to explain artwork to those “who absolutely only want to see depravity.”

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