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SNAPSHOT: Lizzo’s Sheer Dress Celebrated as a Blow Against ‘Fat Phobia’

Criticisms of the sheer dress worn by Lizzo on Monday were motivated by “fatphobia,” according to fans of the plus-sized pop star.


Photos of the revealing outfit, which Lizzo wore to rapper Cardi B’s birthday bash in Los Angeles, circulated widely on social media this week.


The bold fashion choice divided commenters on Twitter, with some arguing the dress was less than flattering for Lizzo’s body type.

  • But the body-positivity activist’s supporters pushed back against comments about the singer’s weight, deeming them hateful and “fat phobic.”
  • Others said Lizzo was bravely challenging stereotypes about fat people.
  • “It’s a stunning statement of self-confidence/positivity & she looked beautiful,” tweeted entertainment bloggers Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez.


Some commenters compared Lizzo’s dress to a similarly revealing one worn by the pop star Rihanna to the CFDA Awards in 2014.

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