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SNAPSHOT: The White Supremacy Pyramid

An anti-racism training graphic appears to suggest that listening to conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is one of the first steps on the road to genocide.


According to Manhattan Institute senior fellow Christopher Rufo, who shared the image to Twitter on Wednesday, the graphic is part of  “anti-racist” training materials compiled by Google’s Department of Equity and Inclusion.

Titled “The White Supremacy Pyramid,” the graphic shows a range of apparently connected activities ranging from “Indifference” to “Mass murder.”

  • Shapiro’s face appears in the image alongside the word “Minimisation,” and phrases such as “white saviour complex” and “not believing POC experiences.”
  • Other seemingly problematic items include the phrases “All Lives Matter” and “There are two sides to every story.”


The graphic appears to have been created by Busting the Myth of White Genocide, a group of South African activists who claim to be combatting right-wing propaganda.

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