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AMERICAN GREATNESS: Pro-Trump Missouri County’s Logo Blinds Haters With Patriotic Awesomeness

The official seal of St. Francois County in Missouri has caused a stir on social media and beyond.


Internet users recently discovered St. Francois County’s uber-patriotic seal, and some people threw a fit.

“This looks like the cover of one of my Christian homeschool ‘textbooks’ that taught me how evolution is a demonic lie and Jesus wants me to vote Republican,” one user commented on a viral tweet criticizing the seal.

  • St. Francois County went for Donald Trump by nearly 50 points in the 2020 presidential election.

Responding to public feedback, St. Francois County Presiding Commissioner Harold Gallaher announced Tuesday a redesign of the seal — which he emblazoned in 2018 with an eagle soaring across a fluttering American flag alongside a cross and Bible and an intersecting shovel and pick-axe.

  • “I understand that it’s a fever pitch on social media about the county seal,” he said during a commission meeting. “It was a rush deal way back when, I had two days for the public to come up with a seal and my design is proof positive that I am not artistically inclined.”
  • Gallaher said he doesn’t want to spend taxpayer money to hire a designer, so the county agreed to hold a contest to pick the new seal.
  • “I agree that we need something new. I offered several times that if someone wanted to redesign that seal to let us see what you have,” he said.

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