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Taliban Appear to Take Joyride on US Helicopter Biden Left Behind

Taliban fighters apparently took a joyride on a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter Monday — the group’s latest flex of U.S. weaponry seized from the Afghan military.


The Biden administration’s rush for the exit in Afghanistan leaves the Taliban in control and better armed than ever.


Internet videos captured the Black Hawk flying over the city of Kandahar in southern Afghanistan, with the Taliban reportedly in charge of the helicopter.


At one point, someone appeared to be dangling from the chopper by a rope.


A viral photo taken earlier this month — around the time the U.S.-backed Afghan government collapsed and the Taliban took over Kandahar and much of the country — showed a man waving the white Taliban flag beside an Afghan Air Force Black Hawk.


The U.S. gave at least $18 billion to the Afghan military for “equipment and transportation” since 2005, according to a government report to Congress last month.

  • The Taliban has not been shy about displaying the airplanes, Humvees, guns and other military kit it captured from that arsenal while taking over the country.

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