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SNAPSHOT: Graphic Shows How Hard ‘Bidenflation’ Will Hit Americans on Thanksgiving

High inflation could make this Thanksgiving dinner the most expensive in the history of the holiday, as a recent Newsmax graphic illustrated.


Some people are calling the unwelcome rise in prices “Bidenflation.”


A screenshot of the visual from a “Spicer & Co” segment on the record-setting inflation that aired late last month has been shared widely online.


Hosts Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith blamed the projected $55 Thanksgiving turkeys on “Bidenflation.”

  • Spicer highlighted a New York Times report that detailed how a host of issues – supply chain disruptions, spiking transportation costs, labor shortages, trade policy and inclement weather – threatened to make Thanksgiving unaffordable for many Americans.
  • “Nearly every component of the traditional American Thanksgiving dinner, from the disposable aluminum turkey roasting pan to the coffee and pie, will cost more this year, according to agricultural economists, farmers and grocery executives,” wrote The Times’ Kim Severson.


Frustration with President Joe Biden’s economic leadership has helped drive his approval rating down to a historic low.

But some analystsciting the country’s low unemployment rate, surging average earnings and projected economic growth of 5.7% this year – have said Americans’ economic pessimism is overblown.

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