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Twitter Went Off About Andrew Cuomo’s Dog

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reportedly abandoned his dog at the executive mansion in Albany, and Twitter users were howling.


Cuomo has gone from pandemic hero to creep thanks to sexual harassment allegations by nearly a dozen women in his orbit, which he has denied.


As Cuomo prepared to step down as governor Monday, he left his dog at the state-owned residence, the Albany Times Union reported Sunday, citing two police sources.

  • Cuomo was staying with siblings in Westchester County and asked staffers if they would take care of the mutt, Captain, according to the report.
  • A Cuomo spokeman told the Times Union the governor was merely looking for “temporary” arrangements for Captain while he goes on vacation.

In a tweet Monday evening, Cuomo denied he had abandoned Captain, saying the dog “is part of our family and that’s the way it will always be.”


Twitter users have dog-piled Cuomo over the report.

  • Saeed Jones, writer and poet: “White people are about to let this man HAVE IT. Ain’t no coming back from this. WHEW. Light him up y’all.”
  • Seth Mandel, executive editor of the Washington Examiner: “Possession is 9/10ths the law, that dog is now governor of New York.”
  • Jenna Ellis, former senior legal adviser to Donald Trump: “Heartless creep.”
  • Janice Dean, Fox News senior meteorologist: “Cuomo tweeted out a staged picture taken by People magazine in 2020 saying he didn’t leave the dog behind. He’s a serial liar (among other things), so I don’t believe him. Captain deserves better than this guy.”
  • Imani Gandy, senior editor at Rewire News Group: “The dog rejected Andrew Cuomo‘s advances.”
  • Chuck Ross, investigative reporter at the Washington Free Beacon: “Cuomo is taking a lot of heat for this, but have we considered the possibility the dog is absolutely stoked?”

The kicker

The International Academy of Arts and Sciences announced Tuesday it was rescinding the honorary Emmy it awarded Cuomo for his daily COVID-19 press briefings.

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