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The Controversy Over This Quote Shows Even RBG Isn’t Woke Enough for the Left

Out of respect for nonbinary and transgender people, the American Civil Liberties Union on Saturday altered a quotation by late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to remove all references to women.


Even liberal icons can be censored if their ideas don’t keep up with “progress.”


With the left up in arms about perceived threats to abortion rights, the ACLU tweeted out a stylized quote by Ginsburg in defense of a “woman’s right to choose — but replaced the word “woman” with “persons” and the female pronouns with gender-neutral alternatives.

The tweet, which quoted from Ginsberg’s 1993 Senate confirmation hearing, came on the first anniversary of the death of the feminist trailblazer, who cofounded the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project.


Days after Ginsburg died, the ACLU published a tribute to Ginsburg that included an unedited version of the same quote.


Twitter commentators flagged the discrepancy between the two quotes, with many criticizing the ACLU’s turn from storied defender of free speech to woke scold.

  • Canceling women:“Who the hell at the [ACLU] thought they had the license to edit the late RBG to erase WOMEN from her thoughts? This is deeply wrong on every level,” former Fox News host Megyn Kelly said.
  • Policing speech:The [ACLU] edits RBG to bring her speech up-to-code. The right side of history must be appeased,” quipped another conservative
  • Rewriting history: “Those brackets are to make an existing text clearer, not to add new stuff to the text,” said Jennifer Granick, an ACLU lawyer.
  • Being progressive: “You couldn’t invent a better way to highlight the absurdity of activist culture than this tweet,” opined Noah Blum of Tablet magazine.


“Pro-choice” activism, traditionally seen as part of the women’s right movement, has faced increasing pressure to conform to the left’s new gender-neutral ideology.

  • Earlier this month, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., seemed to struggle to consistently use the preferred gender-neutral terminology when denouncing Texas’ abortion ban on CNN.
  • Days beforehand, progressive journalist Imani Gandy demanded on Twitter that her colleagues stop making the ban about women, saying, “It’s ignorance and cruelty at this point. That’s how I view it and I know a lot of you know better.”

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