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THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN: 4PM Readers Divided on Trump Wanting Biden ‘Dirt’ From Putin

Most, but far from all, respondents to The4PM poll are OK with former President Donald Trump’s recent suggestion that Russian President Vladimir Putin should release any compromising information about President Joe Biden.


In Wednesday’s poll, we asked: “Was Trump’s request inappropriate?”

  • 59% of you said no.
  • 41% of you said yes.


Lewis wrote us to say, “We cannot get information on the Bidens from our media, so why not go to sources that will supply the information?”

  • “Who knows — had Trump done that before the election, we might be sitting in a far safer America having a great economy, with our energy being our No. 1 export and with neither a war in Ukraine, nor the possibility of one in the Taiwan Straits!” he added. “Who knows!”

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