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THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN: 4PM Readers Think Putin Will Attack NATO

A plurality of The 4PM readers think Russian President Vladimir Putin will try to expand into NATO territory.


In our Wednesday poll, we asked: “How far do you think Putin will take his European ambitions?”

  • 46% of you said: “Putin will attack NATO.”
  • 36% of you said: “Putin will stop after he annexes all of Ukraine.”
  • 18% of you said: “Putin will stop expanding into Europe after annexing the contested regions of Ukraine.”


Jan wrote us reminding us to keep our eyes on the prize — former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “the woman who made ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ an art form.”

  • “No excuses here for the bare chested horseback guy, but HC and the rest of the corrupt gang have bloody hands” for antagonizing Putin, according to Jan.

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