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THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN: 4PM Readers Know How to Handle Russian Aggression

If Russia invades Ukraine, most readers of The 4PM said the U.S. should go further than President Joe Biden sounds willing to help the underdog democracy — but not as far as all-out war.


In Thursday’s poll, 35% of readers supported the Biden administration’s official policy that Russia would face U.S.-led sanctions were it to go ahead with an invasion of Ukraine.

  • 35% of readers wanted to arm Ukrainian militias against any Russian occupiers.
  • 19% of readers said the U.S. should stay out of the escalating conflict.
  • 8% of readers were willing to directly fight Russia to help Ukraine.
  • 4% of readers said Biden was right to hint that only a major Russian invasion would incur U.S. sanctions, before he backpedaled.

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