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THE TWO AMERICAS: How Critics Responded to Chappelle’s Controversial New Special Says It All

Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix comedy special has been widely panned by professional critics as hateful toward LGBT people, but audiences have reacted very differently.


The mainstream media, obsessed with fighting perceived bigotry, is out of touch with everyday Americans.


Rotten Tomatoes’ aggregations of critics and audience reviews of “The Closer” told a tale of two very different Americas on Monday, about a week after the premiere.



Chappelle’s LGBT-themed stand-up routine has provoked massive backlash in the media and among progressives, with many activists pushing for him and Netflix to be “canceled.”

  • But Chappelle received a standing ovation at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles Thursday and joked, “If this is what being canceled is like, I love it.”
  • Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos sent a memo to employees Friday defending Chappelle’s right to “artistic freedom” and saying the company would not be taking down the special.

According to polling research, the elite media’s social justice agenda is misleading Americans about the threat of bigotry, but the public knows enough to trust the press less than ever.


The Rotten Tomatoes reviews of a new National Geographic documentary about Dr. Anthony Fauci, meanwhile, were the inverse of “The Closer”‘s.




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