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The UK’s Rainbow ‘Hate Crime’ Cars Are Why No One Takes Wokeness Seriously

United Kingdom police have been replacing their traditional patrol vehicles with rainbow-themed “hate crime cars” to encourage reporting of anti-LGBT activities.


The P.C. police are for real now.


In a video posted to the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s Instagram account last week, Deputy Chief Constable Julie Cooke said the rainbow cars are meant to give “confidence to our LGBT+ community but also to other under-represented groups.”


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Money quote: “If something is happening that you know isn’t right, then we absolutely want you to come forward,” Cooke said, describing the cars’ broad message to “the community.”

Addressing complaints that the rainbow paint jobs are a waste of law enforcement resources, Cooke insisted “the cost is minimal” but “the impact of seeing the rainbow is so huge.”

  • Cooke also clarified that while she is not LGBT, she is an “ally” and wears a rainbow-colored lanyard all the time.


While reporting of U.K. hate crimes has doubled in recent years, per The Telegraph, critics have argued police focus too much on progressive P.R. and not enough on knife attacks and rape, which go unprosecuted relatively often.

  • British political commentator Darren Grimes on Monday mocked the police “clown cars” as an example of “whackery and mokery” trumping law and order.
  • “Put yourself in the position of a hardened criminal, a real menace and thug,” he said to Sky News host Rita Panahi. “Imagine one of these rainbow so-called hate crime cars turns up with an officer that gets out of the car wearing a rainbow polo shirt. He isn’t exactly going to instill the fear of God into you is he?”


In the United States, progressives have been similarly mocked and criticized for suggesting alternative law enforcement methods, such as sending social workers instead of police officers to respond to emergency incidents.

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