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There Are Basically No Racists Left in America

A recent Gallup poll revealed Americans are nearly unanimous in their support of interracial marriage.


The left’s depiction of the United States as irredeemably racist isn’t born out by survey data.


Fully 94% of U.S. adults approve of marriages between black and white people, according to the Gallup poll released last month.

In 1958, the first time Gallup surveyed Americans about interracial marriage, only 4% were OK with it.

  • The change in public opinion over the past six decades is one of the biggest on record, Gallup said.
  • Most non-white Americans have approved of interracial marriage since 1968, but it wasn’t until 1997 that a majority of white people felt the same.
  • Today, that racial gap is practically nonexistent, with 96% of non-whites and 94% of whites voicing support.

Reams of other research point to the same trend: low and declining racism among Americans.


And yet, especially in the wake of George Floyd’s 2020 death, the notion that America is fundamentally racist has become a something like conventional wisdom among liberal elites.

In an analysis for Tablet magazine last August, political scientist Zach Goldberg chronicled how the media’s focus on racism grew exponentially in the 2010s.

The spike in media coverage has coincided with increasingly negative views of white-black race relations in the U.S., per Gallup findings last September.


University of London politics professor Eric Kaufman published an extensive polling analysis in March to understand why “at a time when measures of racist attitudes and behavior have never been more positive, pessimism about racism and race relations has increased in America.”

  • Kaufman found progressive ideology, including critical race theory, seems to be over-inflating perceptions of racism and “a person’s media exposure and partisanship and a person’s anxiety or depression levels explain much of what passes for racism today – as well as essentially all of its reported rise.”
  • The dangers, he warned, “go well beyond majority resentment and polarization. A media-generated narrative about systemic racism distorts people’s perceptions of reality and may even damage African-Americans’ sense of control over their lives.”

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