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Look at the State of Trump’s Border Wall These Days

Photos of rain-damaged sections of the U.S. southern border wall have been widely shared on social media amid a growing migrant crisis.


By loosening former President Donald Trump’s immigration regime, Biden has weakened the border and his own political standing.


Monsoon rains and flooding last week blew the floodgates off parts of the border wall near the city of Douglas and the San Bernardino Wildlife Refuge in Arizona, the photos show.

It wasn’t the first time weather blew apart Trump’s signature wall, which spans 452 miles of the southern border, most of it replacing preexisting barriers.


Immigration: The Biden administration has reversed many of Trump’s hardline border policies — while keeping others — unleashing a historic flood of illegal immigration.

  • Some 210,000 migrants were apprehended trying to cross the border last month, the highest monthly number in more than 20 years, according to preliminary data.
  • Detention facilities have been overwhelmed, and an estimated 50,000 migrants have been released into the U.S. without a court date or any means of tracking their whereabouts.

Politics: A majority of Americans has consistently disapproved of Biden’s handling of immigration, helping to drag the president’s overall average approval rating below water this month for the first time.

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