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These Two Videos Show Why Extreme Wokeness Is No Laughing Matter

HBO late night host Bill Maher in 2019 mocked a guest for saying progressives believe men can menstruate. Maher isn’t laughing at the idea now.


Leftists keep denying they’re the crazy ones, and then proving themselves wrong.


In two short years, Maher went from never having heard of male menstruation to begging Democrats to stop talking about it on the campaign trail:

NOVEMBER 2019: Per a video that resurfaced on Twitter Wednesday, conservative commentator Dennis Prager said on “Real Time with Bill Maher” that “anyone who says a man cannot menstruate is considered transphobic” on the left.

Maher reacted by making a face, prompting the audience and other members of the show’s panel to laugh at Prager’s expense.

  • “Wait, wait, wait, where did that come from? … I missed this whole story,” Maher said. “Who is saying this? You’re talking about a very small percentage.”
  • Prager gave a number of examples of biological men’s female gender identity being accommodated, from high school athletics to the elite media, but Maher scoffed: “Dennis, I remember you, in the old show, you were a little more reasonable.”
  • “No one” thinks that “men menstruate,” Maher claimed.

NOVEMBER 2021: During his monologue, Maher urged Democrats running for Congress to stop using woke language, like gender-neutral terms designed to include transgender men.

“If a staffer hands you a speech that says ‘menstruating people’ instead of ‘women,’ don’t say that,” Maher quipped. “Say … ‘women.'”


In recent years, left-leaning elites have repeatedly insisted that the latest woke insanity is really just a figment of the right’s fevered imagination.


During a Wednesday congressional hearing, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra refused to directly answer whether “men can get pregnant.”

  • “Unless you know something I don’t, I think the answer’s pretty obvious,” Becerra told Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo.”I’m not aware of it.”
  • Boebert then pushed Becerra on HHS’ adoption of the term “birthing people,” saying “it seems to be more inclusive, like you’re trying to include another gender in that.”
  • “I’m all about inclusion,” replied Becerra.

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