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This Bizarre Segment on Masks Is Tucker Carlson at His Best

Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed a man with a paper bag over his head Tuesday during a segment about “the science” of masking.


Carlson can be the most cutting when he’s joking.


Vince Coglianese, a Washington, D.C. radio host, appeared remotely on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” wearing the paper bag with holes cut out for his eyes.

Coglianese removed the bag, and then two surgical masks, to join Carlson in mocking a recent University of Cambridge study that found wearing pantyhose over a face mask can reduce the spread of COVID-19.

  • “My wife wouldn’t let me use the pantyhose, so I improvised. You know, you can’t be too safe, Tucker,” quipped Coglianese, who is also an editor at the Carlson-founded Daily Caller news site.
  • “It’s crazy out there. So crazy … that they’re asking us to wear pantyhose over our heads now just to see how far they can take the humiliation in the waning hours of the pandemic.”

Earlier Tuesday, Coglianese took a victory lap on Twitter for his October prediction that COVID-19 restrictions would be lifted just ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

  • A number of Democratic-led states announced this week they were lifting mask mandates and easing other pandemic rules in what The New York Times called “a loosely coordinated effort.”


Carlson has become famous, and infamous, for his populist rants against liberal power and corruption, but his jokes have often proved the most incisive.

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