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Not Impressed by This Video Meant to Take Down Joe Rogan? Liberals Have More.

Joe Rogan apologized Saturday after footage emerged of him saying the N-word over the years on his popular podcast.


Liberal activists are responding with even more clips in an attempt to take down Rogan.


In his apology, delivered via Instagram video, Rogan called the controversy over the compilation video “the most regretful and shameful thing that I’ve ever had to talk about publicly.”

Rogan said the montage drew from “12 years of conversations” on his show, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” and that it looked “horrible, even to me.”

  • But, he noted, the clips were taken out of context.


Although Rogan’s apology was widely deemed good, few of his critics or supporters were impressed.

Calls for Spotify to remove “The Joe Rogan Experience” from its platform only amplified, with the focus shifting from Rogans’ promotion of COVID-19 “misinformation” to his supposed racism.

PatriotTakes, the liberal group that put together the compilation video and other clips, tweeted more footage of Rogan saying the racial slur while defending its use in a descriptive context.

Another Twitter commentator resurfaced footage of Rogan saying the word during a 2006 stand-up special.

On the other hand, conservatives, like writer Pedro Gonzalez, said Rogan’s apology showed he fundamentally misunderstood his critics’ intent: to destroy him by whatever means necessary.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh was among those who argued the censorious left had given away the game with its shifting justifications for silencing Rogan and its selective enforcement of norms.

Economist Glenn Loury and linguist John McWhorter expressed disgust at what they viewed the liberal activists’ performative victimhood.


Spotify, which recently bought exclusive rights to “The Joe Rogan Experience,” its most popular podcast, indicated Sunday that it would still not be “silencing Joe.”

  • But Rumble, a right-leaning video platform, on Sunday offered Rogan $100 million to switch teams.

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