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Guess How Many Top Colleges Still Require ‘Racist’ Standardized Test Scores

Harvard University announced Thursday it is suspending the SAT or ACT admissions requirement for at least the next four years — joining a movement to cancel standardized testing in the name of diversity.


“Woke” values are rapidly usurping identity-neutral educational standards.


From California to Boston, liberal establishments such as the “UC” system and the Ivy League are making the case that a standardized test requirement is immoral.

“This proves that test-optional is the new normal in college admissions,” Bob Schaeffer, president of the anti-testing FairTest, told the New York Times on Harvard’s decision.

  • “The percentage of schools that do not require test scores has risen from about 45 percent before the pandemic to nearly 80 percent now, according to FairTest, or 1,815 of the 2,330 schools counted by the organization.”

Progressive activists have also taken aim at magnet high schools: take the example of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia, which controversially scrapped its admissions test last year.


Woke activists claim eliminating admissions test will bolster diversity… and that the SAT represents “systemic racism”… even relatively establishment Democrats have gotten in on the action:

But “actually, the SAT began in 1926,” pointed out City Journal.

Indeed, the original SAT helped outsiders break into schools once dominated by the “WASP” establishment.

  • Doing away with the admissions test may be about forming a new establishment, a “woke clerisy,” that aspires to take over the country slowly but overtly, from top down.


An irony is that it isn’t “whites” but Asian Americans who stand to lose out by the sweeping changes in education… at some level this has been going on for years:

These cases are spring up around the country and may soon be decided by the Supreme Court.


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