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AMERICAN GREATNESS: This John Madden ‘Turducken’ Video Sums Up Why We Loved Him

NFL legend John Madden, who died Tuesday at age 85, loved “turducken” and America loved him for it.


Many of the countless remembrances of Madden have highlighted how the Hall of Fame coach turned iconic broadcaster famously gave a turducken to the outstanding player in the Thanksgiving game he called.

Madden’s promotion of the chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey summed up his “likable, unpretentious style that was refreshing in a sports world of spiraling salaries and prima donna stars,” as The Associated Press’ obituary put it.

  • The NFL said Madden died unexpectedly and did not detail a cause.


Watch this 5-minute NFL tribute to Madden.

Also Tuesday, Harry Reid, a former Senate majority leader from Nevada, died at age 82.

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