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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Why Is War So Sexist?

Washington Post graphics columnist Sergio Peçanha on Friday complained that “toxic masculinity” was rearing its ugly head in the Russia-Ukraine war.


Peçanha argued in an opinion piece that, while he knows now “is not the time for Ukrainians to reconsider gender roles in their society,” an order barring men age 18-60 from leaving the country suggests problematic standards of masculinity.

  • “After all the effort many of us have made to separate masculinity from brutality, to teach boys to be gentler and kinder, to teach men to be respectful to women, human masculinity remains linked to violence,” he wrote. “Just as having a penis doesn’t make you superior, it doesn’t make you a warrior.”
  • According to Peçanha, the blame ultimately lies with the toxic masculinity of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • “And so men must be made into killers,” he lamented. “This war is an abomination. But it is also a warning — of how easily a few retrograde men, if we give them the power, can drag us all back into savagery.”

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