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Trump Has an Absolutely Dominant Record in Campaign Finance Violation Cases

Former President Donald Trump boasts an undefeated record when it comes to courtroom defenses against allegations of campaign finance violations.


From the Russia probe to a federal investigation of his family business, Trump has foiled every attempt to take him down, prompting frustrated opponents to label him “Teflon Don.”


Over the past six years, Trump has amassed a whopping 43-0 record in campaign finance violation cases, The Daily Beast reported Wednesday, citing Federal Election Commission filings.

  • At least part of Trump’s success can be attributed to the nature of FEC complaints.
  • “Of course, anyone can bring a complaint to the FEC. You don’t have to know the ins and outs of campaign finance law, and you don’t have to have any evidence,” the Beast’s Roger Sollenberger wrote.
  • “You can claim that the Trump campaign stole money from you when it was actually a donation from someone who has the same name, or allege that a Trump campaign Google ad is actually a violation of federal law, because you had searched ‘donate Joe Biden.’ The agency’s attorneys will actually look into it.”

The three Republican FEC commissioners, who make up half of the six appointees to the agency, have never voted against Trump in a case.


In media, politics and business, Trump has achieved massive success in part by pushing boundaries and outraging opponents.

  • But try as they might, authorities have failed to bust him for any serious wrongdoing.
  • Trump survived two Russia investigations, two impeachments and countless media scandals as president.

Just last week, the prosecutors spearheading a Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into the Trump Organization resigned.

  • Sources familiar with the case told The New York Times that the duo quit because Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s has doubts about moving ahead with the case against Trump.

Next up: The House’s Jan. 6 commission said in a court filing Wednesday there was enough evidence to potentially charge Trump with criminal violations for his alleged role in the Capitol riot.

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