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What Tucker’s Latest Criticism of Trump Says About the Current Mood on the Right

Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized former President Donald Trump Monday, calling his lack of donations to supporters arrested during the Jan. 6 Capitol attack “appalling.”


Few right-wingers have been able to criticize Trump without being labeled “RINOs” — is that finally starting to change?


Carlson made the remarks on his streaming show “Tucker Carlson Today” while discussing the Capitol riot with American Greatness senior contributor Julie Kelly.

Carlson’s “Patriot Purge,” a three-part-series presenting a counter-narrative perspective on the events of Jan. 6, is airing this week on Fox Nation.

  • “People are going to be offended that I ask this, but I can’t control myself. What about the president on whose behalf they were gathered that day? Has anybody sent them money?” Carlson asked Kelly, who has advocated loudly for the people arrested at the Capitol and rejected the mainstream characterization of the riot as an “insurrection.”
  • “The people around him, Brad Parscale, all these people are getting rich, right? Complaining that the last election was rigged, which it clearly was, obviously,” he added. “And they’re making all this money, and all these people are sending all this money down to Florida. But is any of that money going to defend these people who went to this rally on behalf of that candidate?”
  • Kelly said that “aside, really, from a few comments about political prisoners” neither Trump nor his prominent allies had provided any “financial aide” to help his arrested supporters.

“I just find that appalling,” Carlson replied. “I really do. I really find that appalling.”


Trump has faced intra-party opposition since launching his 2016 presidential campaign, but the resistance has expanded beyond “Never Trumpers” and “RINOS.”

  • In addition to Carlson, one of the few figures whose stature on the right rivals Trump’s, other populist and hardline conservatives with mass followings have started to grumble about the former president.
  • Pedro Gonzalez, an editor at Chronicles magazine and a former Trump supporter, has repeatedly accused the former president of betraying his supporters and the “America First” agenda.
  • Mike Cernovich, a right-wing Twitter influencer who has been credited with helping propel Trump to victory in 2016, has also soured on him lately.
  • Ann Coulter, author of the 2016 book “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome,” has often turned her fiery rhetoric against Trump.

Following Republican Glenn Youngkin’s upset gubernatorial victory in Virginia on Tuesday, a slew of commenters on the right have suggested the GOP might not need Trump to win elections.

  • On the other hand, rumors of Trump’s waning political influence may be exaggerated: Polling has shown Republican voters still overwhelmingly support him above any other prospective GOP presidential candidate.