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Tucker’s Unexpected Reaction to CNN President Losing His Job Leaves Media Speechless

Fox News host Tucker Carlson explicitly declined to celebrate the resignation of CNN President Jeff Zucker Wednesday — instead focusing on what he said are the bigger implications for America.


Carlson is operating on a whole different level than most of the media.


On his talk show, Carlson dismissed Zucker’s surprise announcement hours earlier that he was leaving CNN because an investigation uncovered his undisclosed romantic relationship with a colleague, executive vice president Allison Gollust.

“Everyone in the TV business already knew about Zucker’s relationship with the head of CNN’s marketing department,” Carlson said.

  • “So Jeff Zucker did not get canned for his sex life. New management wanted him out of CNN for other reasons, including bad ratings and maybe others that we’ll find out about later.”

Carlson stood by his past criticism of Zucker, who led CNN’s reinvention as an anti-Trump network, but said “we’re not celebrating” Zucker’s departure “because we see a pattern here.”

  • “Creative masculine energy is the essential quality in any civilization. It’s how we got civilization in the first place. But increasingly, boisterous masculinity is systematically suppressed to make way for a timid caretaker class,” Carlson said, returning to a favorite theme.
  • “Jeff Zucker tried to do something new. We hated what he did. We did not share his vision. We found it repugnant and destructive. But at least Jeff Zucker had a vision. Too few still do.”


While Carlson’s segments often make headlines — celebrated on the right and denounced on the left — his take on Zucker’s resignation only drew a few half-hearted insults from Twitter liberals.

  • The media, with its partisan loyalties, has never really known how to respond to Carlson’s periodic defenses of disgraced liberals, like former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and Hunter Biden.


Carlson’s heterodox brand of populism has drawn millions of viewers every night despite Americans’ growing disinterest in cable news and mainstream media in general.

  • Even liberals have proved unable to resist “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the top show on cable news.
  • Democrats in the coveted 25-54 age cohort preferred Carlson’s program even to MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” in November, per new Nielsen data.


Former President Donald Trump responded to the Zucker news in more conventional conservative style, slamming the outgoing executive in a statement early Wednesday as a “world-class sleazebag” and purveyor of “Fake News.”

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