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Two Fox News Clips About Ukraine Sum Up the Divide on the Right

Fox News aired two very different segments about the Russian threat to Ukraine on Tuesday.


The divide between the GOP establishment and the “New Right” is have a prime-time moment.


As tensions flared anew in the Eastern bloc, Carlson said this wasn’t American’s fight.

Key points:

Carlson was also joined by fellow primetime host Laura Ingraham:


But Carlson and company were countered by Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Mississippi, a stalwart of the GOP establishment.

Key points:

Wicker was joined in spirit by Mitch McConnell, the power Senate Minority leader:


Foreign policy traditionalists on all stripes bashed Carlson and friends, suggesting they were basically pro-Putin, and insinuating and outright treason and anti-Americanism.

Meanwhile, populists and reformers took their turn bashing Wicker:

And some right-leaning populists suggested Biden and co. care more about Russia than China, and it shows:


Carlson’s point about Biden’s aides is salutary: “now among the many, many ironies here is that the Ukraine crisis was largely created by Joe Biden’s own aides and many people like them throughout all levels of the U.S. government.”

… The Democratic hype around Russia is a recrudescence of the Russia panic and bad blood between senior Democratic aides and the Kremlin that gave rise to the now-debunked “Russiagate” scare:


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