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Watch 3 Top California Democrats Pretend They Were Always Tough on Crime

San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s recent condemnation of “the bullsh*t that has destroyed our city” was part of a Democratic about-face in response to spiking crime nationwide.


Is it too late for Democrats to denounce “defund the police”?


After previous calls to defund the police, San Francisco Mayor London Breed actually called “bs” on the leftward tide in the notoriously Democratic city.

She wasn’t alone, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who represents SF in Congress, in summer 2020 said “people will do what they do” in response to riots… she’s had a change of tune:

And the big man of the Golden State himself, hardline progressive Governor Gavin Newsom, has also got in on the action in recent weeks:


Though the left coast is the tip of the spear of the country’s problems with crime, drug addiction and homelessness, its politicians are hardly alone in reversing themselves on the freewheeling “spirit of 2020.”

In Philadelphia:

In Chicago:


The 2020 anti-police mood was bolstered by unprecedented support from big business, giving rise to the widespread use of the term “woke capital” … well, now some of those fat cats would appear to be experiencing a change of heart:

The bottom line: maybe all the ruckus in 2020, which was backed by most of the country’s establishment, was just about Donald Trump, and not so much a sign of things to come.

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